Our Services

Our highly skilled technical support team members focus on first call resolution,
adopting the appropriate brand voice to deliver an exceptional customer experience
in support of a wide range of products and services. Our teams are supported by
extensive training, an always-up-to-date knowledge base, and live product labs to
ensure intricate product knowledge and first-hand user experiences.

Comprised of highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians, Aces Technical Services Department is working for you. Whether you need help with product installation, ongoing maintenance or technical assistance, you can count on Aces to be there.

Need assistance? Our Technical Support Team is here to help. To inquire about services found on our site, contact us by e-mail, and we'll gladly assist you just as soon as we are able to. Please note that our Technical Support Team is available Monday-Friday, 7:00am - 3:00pm Eastern Time.

Mac and IOS

We repair MacBooks the smart and cost efficient way.

Advanced cleaning solutions and diagnostic techniques. Replacement of all types of chips on the logic board, from the smallest CSPs to the largest BGAs.

Laptop & Desktop

At Aces, Quality stands above all. We make sure a repair is reliable and stable by only using the best parts for your laptop. We also know the difference between different interchangeable parts, such as IPS and TN screens, SSDs and memory.

We'll install the right one in your laptop, so you will not loose any performance, features or quality of your product.

Mobile Phones

We support Apple, Google and Samsung phones and tablets. We supply the parts and skills. You ship your device, no need to drive to a store or wait in line.

Our on-demand, certified technicians will fix your cell phone or tablet device anytime. We specialize in cell phone repairs and tablet repairs done in under 1 day. Our cell phone repairs include fixing cracked screens, jammed home buttons, replacing dead batteries, and anything else you need fixed on your iPhone, iPad or Samsung Galaxy!